About Endeavour Brewing Co

The sensible version goes something like this…

After a lifetime of drinking bland (largely Australian) lagers, we started looking around for something different, beers that were full of flavour, which were few and far between. This search ignited a spark of an idea - what if you applied the same philosophy of wine-making in beer brewing? Taking an artisan approach with absolute reverence for high-quality ingredients, made for beer drinkers with impeccable taste? 

And so in 2010, driven by a belief that it could be done and a passion for flavoursome beer, that spark became a reality.

Endeavour beer can

But wait - how do you just start a brewery? We’ve skipped over some of the finer and more inspiring details here. Details that are far truer to the soul of the Endeavour brand and the Aussie spirit that drives it.

In short, after impressing a major distributor with our idea and incredible tasting beers, we were taken on and asked to deliver within weeks.

But first, we needed a brewery to produce our beer and money (!), to connect with Australian farmers and source the best tasting ingredients. With a monumental task ahead of us we called on friends and family, who invested in our vision, and Endeavour Brewing Co was born.


Endeavour logo on the wall in the brewery

More recently Endeavour’s family has grown even bigger through crowd sourced investors, that support our vision to remain proudly Australian and independently owned and operated.


Scott O'Brien - Head Brewer

Image of Scott O'Brien, Endeavour Head Brewer

A Bit about Scotty

Where it all began

Scott’s always been passionate about beer, especially creating recipes and brewing. After over a decade of mechanical engineering, he decided to take the leap and become a professional brewer.
Scott joined Endeavour as an assistant brewer and has risen through the ranks over the years to become head brewer in early 2020.

In Scotty’s own words "My home brewing background, has inspired me to become more adventurous and creative with the ingredients I use and the flavour profiles that we explore in the Tap Rooms” and we love bringing his creations into can form for all Endeavours fans to enjoy.

Scotts beers have gone on to win multiple awards at The Indies and Sydney Royal Beer competition, and he's always dreaming up new ideas and trying them out at Endeavour Taprooms.

Favourite Endeavour Beer

"I do love an IPA, our on-site brewed Stacked IPA is my go-to every time. We exclusively use Australian hops in the Stacked and have pushed the flavour of those hops to the absolute limit."